Eagles Hunting in the Susquehanna

Eagles Hunting in the Susquehanna By Ian Adrian | November 20, 2018 An eagle goes for the kill.      Conowingo Dam, located in Hartford County, Maryland, is nationally famous for the large number of eagles which congregate to take advantage of fantastic hunting opportunities.  Beginning in late-autumn, and extending through December (and sometimes January),…

Fishing Herons

Last Sunday, I opted to spend the day at Wildwood Lake, in search of green herons. This heavily-trafficked nature park is just north of Harrisburg, PA. Green herons are extremely entertaining water birds. They employ several different hunting strategies which include spearing fish from a perch, stalking the shallows for frogs and minnows and, on a few occasions, they’ve even been documented using live bait (such as tiny insects) to lure fish in.