Snakes, in particular, are among the most feared and unjustly persecuted of all creatures on this planet.  From superstition, to poorly contrived anecdotes, the stories range far and wide, often containing little truth.  On multiple occasions, I have nearly stepped on hidden rattlesnakes while exploring the Sonoran Desert and rarely receive much more than a placid rattle.  Of the nearly 3,000 snake species known worldwide, only approximately 600 are venomous.  Within those 600, less than 200 venomous snakes are even potentially able to harm humans.  Snakes are beautiful, mysterious, and fascinating!  Some species are brilliant tree-climbers (known as arboreal within the biology world), while others dig underground, there are yet others that thrive exclusively in saltwater and can travel extensive distances across open ocean.  Their ability to overcome extensive challenges without the luxury of legs is mind-boggling!  Snakes also happen to be some of the planet’s best natural rodent control.  Many species consume rats and mice, dramatically reducing the spread of rodent born illnesses such as Lyme’s disease, hantavirus, and bubonic plague, just to name a few.  Like it or not, snakes are our silent allies.  The only praise they require is being allowed to live.