A Fly’s Eyes

When zooming in extremely close to an insect’s face, one can see the kaleidoscope of panels that make up it’s compound eyes. This wonderful subject is gold-backed snipe fly. Photo taken near Danville, PA, USA.

A Grizzled Profile

A young grizzly shows off it’s massive profile. Look closely and take note of the porcupine quills covering it’s snout. Lesson hard-learned. Grand Teton NP, Wyoming.

A Magnificent Profile

This Rivoli’s hummingbird (formerly known as the magnificent hummingbird) was kind enough to allow a few seconds for his head shot. Photo taken at Madera Canyon, AZ, USA.

A Squirrel and it’s Pinecone

We humans aren’t the only creatures that adore pine nuts! Squirrels, however, don’t need expensive hummus to accompany them. Grand Teton NP, Wyoming.

Abert’s Squirrel

A denizen of Arizona’s coniferous forests, the Albert’s Squirrel is a welcomed campground visitor. Mount Lemmon, AZ, USA.

Abert’s Squirrel

A denizen of Arizona’s coniferous forests, the Albert’s Squirrel is a welcomed campground visitor. Mount Lemmon, AZ, USA.

Adorable Otter

While watching a group of sea otters just offshore, an elderly woman informed me it was the best show this location had seen in years! What a wonderful experience! Morro Bay, CA.

Alien Encounter

It wasn’t the X-files that convinced me aliens exist….it was this Chinese Praying Mantis. She’s in the process of cleaning her pedipalps (claws), while perched on flowering Russian Sage. Photographed near Selinsgrove, PA, USA.

Alien Face

The two eyes are easy to see, but gaze for another moment and you may notice a smiling face. Tucson Botanical Gardens, AZ, USA.

Ambush Bug

This unusual insect is a common, yet rarely-seen inhabitant of American gardens. Ambush bugs are tiny predators that, true to their name, sit atop flowers, awaiting tiny flying insects. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

American Avocets

Just before sunset and with the combined dramatic light from an approaching storm, these avocets cut a remarkable scene!

American Bittern

An American Bittern takes off from it’s perch among the cattails. These birds have mastered the camouflage of their vegetated homes. Tucson, AZ.

American Snout

American snout butterfly, certainly an extremely bizarre/interesting subject. It’s name couldn’t be better suited! Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Ancient Tree

An old, dead evergreen tree, which I came upon along a hiking trail at Aguirre Springs Recreation Area, NM, USA.

Anna in Flight

A male Anna’s hummingbird, occupied by the never-ending search for nectar. Photo taken at Madera Canyon, AZ.

Arizona Sisters

Arizona sister butterfly lapping moisture droplets from a nearby stream. Photographed at Mt Lemmon, AZ.

Autumnal Owl

A Great-Horned Owl resting among the “winter” foliage. Tucson, AZ.

Autumnal Shrooms

A young cluster of scaly pholiota mushrooms in the pre-autumnal forest. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Banded Gecko

An extremely common, yet (due to their small size and nocturnal habits) rarely encountered lizard, the banded is Arizona’s only native gecko. Picture Rocks, AZ, USA.

Barestem Larkspur

These tiny, beautiful wildflowers are a short-lived spring delight in the Sonoran Desert. Photo taken in Ironwood National Monument, AZ, USA.

Barren Trunk

Redwood trees can live for thousands of years, but a voracious forest fire puts their survival to the test. Montgomery Woods Preserve, CA.

Beautiful Bandit

This adorable raccoon seemed to be foraging something in the tree. It quickly lost interest and began cleaning itself before descending. Tucson, AZ.

Bee Take-off

Having finished his/her thistle flower pit stop, this busy honeybee takes off for the next blossom. Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Big Sur

When cruising the Pacific Coastal Hwy, one can hardly help but periodically gasp in awe at the marvelous sights.
South of Big Sur, CA.