Black and White Bobcat

The only way to make such a majestic creature appear more regal is in black and white! Bobcat photographed in Tucson, AZ.

Black Bear

This hefty black bear held a lovely cinnamon hue in her fur. Grand Teton NP, Wyoming.

Blacklit Scorpion

Due to the chemical composition of their exoskeletons, most (if not all) scorpions glow blue when viewed at night, using a black light. Arizona Bark Scorpion photographed near Tucson, AZ, USA.

Bleeding Hearts

Generally speaking, I don’t like exposing my photography to this much editing, but it’s hard to resist when working with such dramatic subjects. Bleeding Hearts are among my absolute favorite spring wildflowers. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Blister Beetle

Despite their potential to secrete a nasty irritant, blister beetles tend to be quite lovely. Southeast Arizona.

Blister Beetle Take-Off

Despite their potential to secrete a nasty irritant, blister beetles tend to be quite lovely. Southeast Arizona.

Blister Beetle Wings

Despite their potential to secrete a nasty irritant, blister beetles tend to be quite lovely. Southeast Arizona.

Bolts of Lightning

Few weather spectacles are quite as spectacular as a lightning storm in the wide, open desert.
Saguaro National Park West, AZ, USA.

Bridge Over Tumbling Waters

A beautiful woodland stream bathed in the late afternoon sunshine. Photographed at Tall Timbers State Park, PA, USA.

Broad-Bill in Flight

Manically searching for the next meal, hummingbirds only seem to rest when they’re standing guard over a food source. Madera Canyon, AZ.

Bush Tit

This adorable little fellow is called a bushtit! Like so many other small songbirds, it rarely sits still amidst it’s frantic foraging. Tucson, AZ.

Butterfly Tongue

This is what it looks like when a butterfly sticks it’s tongue out at you. Featured is a tiny skipper, enjoying the nectar of the invasive crown vetch plant. Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Cactus and Flowers

An array of wildflowers surround this once majestic saguaro. Globe mallow, lupine, and owl clover can all be seen if you look closely enough. Saguaro National Park East, AZ.

Cactus Eyes

“What lovely eyes you have, Mr. Cactus!” Photographed in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Camo Cricket

A tropical cricket (species unknown), extremely well-camouflaged against tree bark. I barely noticed this master of disguise, even after looking straight at it. Photographed at Dos Brazos de Osa, Costa Rica.

Canyon Treefrog

Mid-call, a male canyon treefrog attempts to lure in a mate. Photographed in Coronado National Forest, AZ, USA. Photographed in Coronado National Forest, AZ, USA.

Carolina Wolf

A Carolina Wolf Spider, briefly interrupted from it’s search for food. For this shot, I had to lay on the ground, less than a foot from my subject. Photographed near Tucson, AZ, USA.

Cattail Droplets

The subtle beauty of water droplets on a cattail plant that had recently gone to seed. Photographed in Hartleton, PA, USA.

Cedar Waxwing

To many a creature this size, a large cherry would fit the expression of “biting off more than you can chew,” but cedar waxwings are well adapted to stuffing their faces with oversized berries. Photographed near Selinsgrove, PA, USA.

Charming Checkerspots

Checkerspot butterflies (species unkown) pollinating some small desert shrubs. SE Arizona, USA.

Cholla Cactus Sunset

“Jumping” cholla cactus, with an organ pipe and saguaros in the background. The setting sun illuminates the distant mountains in this perfect desert sunset. Photographed at Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ, USA.

Cinnamon Teal

One of the most brilliant ducks to be encountered in the US, this shy species sometimes hesitates to have it’s picture taken. Tucson, AZ.

Climbing Coati

A member of the raccoon family, lone males (like this fellow) often travel solo. They briefly, however, unite with large groups of females to breed. Pusch Wilderness, AZ.