A Beautiful Mushroom

Admittedly, some editing was required to lend such a dramatic contrast. That said, this young scaly pholiota mushroom was still a dramatic and beautiful stand-out in the dreary forest. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

A Regal Crown

Among their many other unique attributes, horned lizards are identified by the shape of their “crown.” The regal horned lizard wears a crown that’s more majestic than many other species. Photographed near Tucson, AZ.

A Sidewinder’s Perspective

Encountered in the middle of a hiking trail, I nearly stepped on this sidewinder rattlesnake. This picture depicts it amidst the natural surroundings.

A Striking Stature

A western diamondback rattlesnake strikes the classic defensive posture. He/she apparently didn’t take kindly to being moved away from the trail. Saguaro Nat Park, AZ.

A Yucca Perch

I watched this Swainson’s hawk for some time as he/she scanned the open grassland. Eventually this creature sluggishly stretched, evacuated, then took flight. Willcox, AZ.

Agile Sheep

Now estimated to only stand around 20,000 individuals, researchers place the original desert bighorn sheep population to have numbered over half a million. Their current numbers are actually a huge improvement over the 1960’s, when there were only approximately 6,000 left. The population growth of these endangered mammals can largely be attributed to federal and state protections, in addition to strong reintroduction efforts. Needless to say, just seeing these impressive creatures in the wild was an incredible experience. The novelty to watch and photograph them for several hours was extraordinary.  Tucson, Arizona.


Pictured are two short-eared owls. The individual in flight decided to dive-bomb the perched owl in what appeared to be a territorial stunt. Photographed near Washingtonville, PA, USA.

American Oystercatchers

American Oystercatchers are stunning shorebirds that specialize in extracting oysters, snails, etc from their protection. Gulls will sometimes watch these elegant shellfish specialists and dive in to steal their food after it’s removed.  Puerto Penasco, MX.

Arizona Sisters

While one sister basks, the other is perfectly-illuminated by the afternoon backlighting. These large butterflies are probably my favorite local species! Madera Canyon, AZ.

Arrowhead Orb Weaver

Found in shaded forests, this lesser-encountered Orb Weaver species is one of the few spider species to hang on the web with it’s head pointed upwards. Photographed in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Badger in the Sunset

Just as the sun is setting behind her, mother badger peers out of her den. Yellowstone National Park, WY.

Barestem Larkspur

These tiny, beautiful wildflowers are a short-lived spring delight in the Sonoran Desert. Photo taken in Ironwood National Monument, AZ, USA.

Barred Owl

The barred owls in Okefenokee Swamp often liked to sit in trees (sometimes only a few feet above the swamp), constantly scanning the quagmire for snakes and frogs. They weren’t afraid to hunt at any hour, day or night. Photo taken at Stephen Foster State Park, GA, USA.

Basking Bullfrog

A very large American Bullfrog, pictured basking over the murky, vegetated waters of his/her swamp home. Photo taken in Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Beautiful Blacktail

Prior to this beautiful creature, I’ve yet to meet a defensive black-tailed rattlesnake. The several previous snakes have all been peaceful creatures with no defensive behaviour, and scarcely even a rattle. This brazen chap, however, sat at the edge of the trail, greeting me with a rattle and a posture that clearly said “no bs.” After snapping a few pics, I offered him/her some water and continued down the trail with the rattle continuing until out of earshot.

Big Butterfly, Small Snake

While exploring a remote canyon, I heard a little “buzz” right beneath me.  Realizing it was coming from the boulder on which I was standing, I took a peek and was greeting by the first ridge-nosed rattlesnake I’ve encountered. It was beyond thrilling. While photographing this little beauty, a stunning Arizona sister butterly landed two feet away from the snake and spread his/her wings. This was a truly magical moment!

Bishop’s Hat

The flower of a bishop’s hat cactus, observed at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, AZ.

Black and White Bison

Resting from a hard day of foraging, this large bison seemed perfectly at ease by himself. Yellowstone NP, Wyoming.

Black and White Bobcat

Amidst the reeds, she stalks her prey. The stunning bobcat who I affectionately know as “Ossy Cat” for her ocelot-like spots was most likely in search of cotton rats, her main staple. Tucson, AZ.

Blotched Ensatina

This blotched ensatina looked stunning amidst the shadowy background and mossy carpet. Tonto Nat Forest, AZ.

Bobcat Bath

Witnessing a wild bobcat clean herself less than 30 feet away from me was downright incredible! This observation was entirely unplanned and occurred during a short walk. Cats will be cats! Tucson, AZ.

Box Turtle Biome

An ornate box turtle crosses the dusty road of her grassland habitat. Willcox, AZ.

Bridled Tit

Gloomy day wildlife photography can be uniquely frustrating. Moving subjects are hard to capture when light is so limited, but in this case, the dreary background created a wonderful effect! This bridled titmouse perched on the most beautiful spot which just happened to be directly in front of me. Madera Canyon, AZ.

Brown Anole

Brown anoles are an invasive species which have effectively displaced their native green kin in many sub-arboreal habitats throughout Florida. This fellow is performing a territorial display. Photo taken at Lake Louisa State Park, FL, USA.