Moose Friends

Despite their general intolerance of each-other during the autumn rut, bull moose can be good friends much of the year. Rocky Mount Nat Park, CO.

Morning Magic

After a soggy night of camping, I awoke just before dawn. The sun soon peeked through the nearby forest, brilliantly backlighting these Apache Plume wildflowers! Cochise Co, AZ.

Mother and Baby

In a tender moment, mama javelina nestles her baby. Tucson, AZ.

Mother and Baby

In a tender moment, mama javelina nestles her baby. Tucson, AZ.

Mountain Kingsnake

This Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake is one that I’ve been dying to see since moving here, and it finally happened! While hiking in the mountains, it slithered across the path mere feet away. What an exciting day!!! Even beyond his/her (didn’t check) beauty and the aforementioned benefits, kingsnakes like this one will readily consume other snakes. This includes rattlesnakes, the venom of which they have a strong tolerance and possible immunity.

Onandaga Falls

Despite my dozens of visits to Rickett’s Glen State Park, I’ve never hiked amidst such powerful torrents. It was downright awe-inspiring!

Orange Mycenas

As seen from beneath, this large cluster of beautiful, tiny mushrooms were found growing on a rotting hemlock log. Photo taken at Tall Timbers State Park, PA, USA.

Patch-Nosed Snake

First snake of the season! While hiking, this beautiful Eastern Patch-Nosed Snake slithered across the trail right in front of me. He was a very accomodating subject, laying on this rock for several minutes while I snapped away!

Peccary Piglings

Yes, they are really called “piglings,” even though javelina aren’t really pigs. These tiny cuties were frolicking among and eating the fallen palo verde blossoms. Catalina Foothills, AZ.

Peculiar Pollinators

Despite being notorious blood-suckers, mosquitoes are actually quite wonderful pollinators. Only females suck blood, leaving the boys to visit flower after flower. Winfield, PA.

Pinwheel Marasmius

A cluster of pinwheel marasmius mushrooms. These beige-colored, extremely tiny shrooms are easy to overlook. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Posing Prothonotary

Named after the golden-yellow robes the early Roman prothonotaries used to wear, these beautiful warblers spend their days foraging and defending brushy territory, often bordered by water. Prothonotary Warbler photographed in Okefenokee NWR, GA, USA.

Prairie Play

These adorable creatures were hilarious to watch! In this case, play consisted of one youngster tackling his / her sister. Rocky Mountain Arsenal, CO.

Pygmy Baby

The look on the face of this fledgling northern pygmy owl is beyond adorable. He/she was watching mom in the hopes that the recent catch would be passed along. Madera Canyon, AZ, USA.

Rainbow at Sunset

June is known for being one of the driest months in the Sonoran Desert, so when a freak storm lands in the middle of the month, it’s cause for celebration. Celebrate is just what the sky seemed to be doing as the dramatic sunet met with a double rainbow in the storm’s wake. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Rat Snake Perspective

A black rat snake in her natural environment. Due to their body structures and means of movement, snakes are often frustrating photo subjects, making it hard to pass on the more “photogenic” individuals. Photo taken near Danville, PA, USA.

Red Fox

My absolute favorite picture from the entire Grand Teton / Yellowstone trip!  This red fox was a truly perfect photo subject, both for it’s charm, the setting, and perfect filtered light! Grand Teton NP, WY.

Red Salamander

This eastern red salamander was all-smiles about having his/her picture taken. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Red-Backed Jumper

Meet one of the most stunning jumping spiders within the US, and definitely the most brilliant I’ve met! Chiricahua Mountains, AZ.

Ringneck Trio

As the lingering light begins to disappear, three ringnecked ducks float by. Phoenix, AZ.

Scaly Pholiota

Like any self-respecting hiker, I despise the swarms of mosquitoes that emerge during really wet summers, but as a nature lover, find myself in awe at the vast array of fungi that also appear. This Scaly Pholiata cluster was encountered deep in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Shadow Cat

Soon after a thorough cleaning, this young male bobcat rests in the shadows for a time. Not long after, he fell into a deep sleep. Tucson, AZ