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Working with local print shops, and the associated price changes

For quite some time, I have struggled to keep my price tier within tight financial margins, attempting to make a small profit while keeping my work at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, however, I have found it impossible to make money on such tight margins, especially when considering such expenses as photography gear and the gas to visit interesting locations. That said, in addition to my perpetual feelings of guilt for supporting a larger, commercial print shop, I have decided to completely restructure my product / price tier.

Having recently moved to Tucson, AZ, where the art scene is thriving, and there are professional, local print shops catering to my particular niche, I will now be conducting business almost exclusively with these shops. This will effectively mean that my products are prepared by folks right in the neighborhood! Supporting the local community is extremely important to me, so this will present one more opportunity to return the favor to this incredible place, which has already offered so much inspiration to my work.

This change, combined with the need to transform my photography hobby into a semi-profitable business, has forced some dramatic, yet completely necessary price increases. For the time being, mounted photo prints and photography printed on aluminum will be the only products available through my shopping cart feature. Canvases will be available on a special-order basis, available through contacting me directly. I will, eventually, be adding several new mediums to the product repertoire, as well.

Any pricing that has been personally discussed within the past month will still be honored. Otherwise, effective immediately, my new pricing for both limited edition and fine art prints can be viewed on my new and improved “shop” page, or by simply viewing a gallery and selecting an individual picture.

As always, I thank everyone for their support / feedback, and can’t wait to further immerse myself into Tucson’s art culture!

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