The animal kingdom’s arachnid class includes such creatures as spiders, scorpions, harvestmen, and ticks, as well as some outrageous oddities (such as vinegaroons and solfugids).  These underappreciated creatures are often written off as pests, and dealt with as such.  If one were to give pause to their persecution, however, one might consider how enriched our world is by these creepy-crawlies (making the exception of ticks, because everyone hates them, myself included).  Have you ever seen the beautifully intricate web of an orb weaver?  What about the outstanding turquoise color of a scorpion, resting under a black light?  Perhaps a spider’s web covered in dewdrops, glimmering in the morning sun?  All of these things offer a testament to the value of arachnids, not to mention the astronomical number of insects they consume, including large numbers of flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.  In this album, you will find some captivating examples of arachnids, especially spiders!