Masters of their trade, cats are some of the most skilled hunters on the planet!  They are also some of the most elusive photography subjects. To see any wild or big cat in nature is an awe-inspiring experience not soon to be forgotten.  Presently the sole occupants of this album, many folks pass their entire lives never meeting a bobcat.  Over the years, I have gotten to know several particular Southern Arizona bobcats quite well.  Each individual has his / her own unique appearance and quirks.  Bobcats often hunt by stealthily patrolling an area.  Upon deciphering the whereabouts of an intended meal, the cat will become very alert and still, ears slowly moving like tiny satellite dishes.  Suddenly, the cat crouches low and pounces!  In this manner, I have personally watched wild bobcats catch rats and the occasional duck.  Every experience has been uniquely thrilling!  These beautiful, majestic predators provide an invaluable role as pest control and should be respected as such.  Bobcats pose zero threat to humans and will go out of their way to avoid crossing our paths.