It’s hard not to be spellbound by the regal prowess of a big cat or the sheer size of a bison, but let us not overlook the many, easily disregarded members of the mammal class.  Mammals range in size from the tiny bumble bee bat, weighing less than 2 grams, to the massive blue whale, capable of reaching 200 tons (400,000 lbs)!  Most have four legs, but we are all commonly characterized by the adornment of hair, something other creatures lack.  Categorized as mammals ourselves, these creatures are our closest relatives.  Encompassing some of the most elusive, yet most rewarding members of the animal kingdom to photograph, many of these subjects involved hours of sitting, watching, and waiting.  I have even formed personal bonds with a number of these beautiful creatures.  Watching them, it’s difficult to imagine someone going out of their way to harm these majestic mammals for any reason aside from the intent to potentially feed their family.

Aquatic Mammals

For those mammals that reside in large bodies of water. Having spent little time near saltwater, this portfolio is still very much developing.  In this album, you will encounter seals, otters, and other large aquatic creatures.
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