Among the most heavily studied class of animals, birds offer much insight into changing environmental conditions (such as those influenced by climate change), based upon changing migration patterns, and their ability to quickly move from one area to another.  Birds offer dazzling beauty to our world in way of their rainbow-assortment of colors and incredible courtship displays!  Their songs fill our ears with joy, and sometimes even mystique.  Birds control insects and disperse seeds.  They are a source of endless inspiration and a metaphor of freedom.  Like so many other wild creatures, we do birds a wonderful service by eliminating the use of outdoor chemicals and planting wildflowers.  This saves birds from poisoning and offers them a bountiful food source.  Allow native trees to grow tall and you will encourage many different birds to visit your little oasis, naturally controlling all manner of pesky insects!


Some of the most spectacular birds to observe, hummingbirds can be found in practically any color of the rainbow. Their iridescent colors and lightning-fast movements make them extremely challenging, yet rewarding photography subjects.  Although Africa and Asia have house stunning birds that occupy similar ecological niches, hummingbirds are exclusive to the Western Hemisphere.  In addition…

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Raptors, the fearsome, majestic aerial predators are not only exciting to see, but they provide an invaluable ecological service.  For a large portion of nature’s rodent control services, we have none other than these candidates to thank.  Much folklore especially surrounds the owls, in particular.  These mysterious creatures will largely be the focus of this…

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