The notion of such a bizarre (and occasionally creepy) life form as a caterpillar morphing into a creature so beautiful and elegant as a butterfly is perhaps one of life’s greatest paradoxes.  Perhaps this metaphor speaks to the beauty within us all?  While butterflies, being such flamboyant creatures of the sun, receive such attention, moths, their cousins from a world of (mostly) darkness and mystery constitute more than 10 times as many species and are often looked upon as pests.  As irreplaceable pollinators, the necessity of butterflies and moths extends far beyond their obvious beauty.  Their pollination efforts allow plants to reproduce, thus creating seeds.  By such small efforts as eliminating roundup, pesticides, and herbicides, you can do wonders for the survival of these wonderful creatures!  Perhaps consider taking it one step further and converting a small patch of your mundane grass yard into a wildflower garden?  This will offer food and shelter for our perfect little pollinators.  Containing some lovely Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) species as well as their caterpillar larva, this album is an explosion of detail and color!