Aside from butterflies, bees are the insects most folks associated with pollination.  They perform the bulk of the worldwide work, but a slew of other insects are also major contributors.  For these efforts, we can thank wasps, flies, and even the hated mosquito (responsible for most plant pollination in the harsh, arctic circle).  I, as well as anyone, am all too familiar with the frustrations of wasp nests or perpetual mosquito attacks, but Mother Nature maintains a delicate, beautiful balance and things never pan out well when we meddle.  Back in the 60’s and 70’s, there was a worldwide initiative to eradicate malaria.  Our DDT-based chemical warfare on mosquitos resulted in killing many of their natural predators as well as untold numbers of other species (including almost every bald eagle on the continent).  What’s worse is that we created an insecticide-tolerant “super mosquito” that has now turned the malaria disease into an epidemic.  Please avoid the use of any product ending in “cide,” and allow wildflowers to encroach across your yard.  This will directly benefit both your health, as well as that of bees and other critical pollinators.  Feed pollinators and we feed ourselves!