Generally speaking, plants derive their energy from the sun, allowing them to undergo photosynthesis and produce chlorophyll, which is the lifeblood of most plants.  Humans have historically (and still often do) view plants as inanimate possessions which contain no life force.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Plants have a unique variety of intelligence.  Based on weather conditions and no doubt other forces of which we aren’t yet aware, they are able to time flowering and fruiting in-sync with the presence of specific creatures upon which these plants most heavily rely.  Some flowering plants, orchids in particular, will actually manipulate insects into carrying their pollen, using false rewards.  Other plants actually digest insects for nutritional supplement, luring victims in with a sweet scent, resembling delicious food.  Trees use an underground fungal network which taxes them in resources for communication across the forest, recently dubbed as the “wood wide web.”  They warn same-species kin of coming drought or pest infestations, allowing for preparation.  Trees sometimes even revive the seemingly dead stumps of fallen family members by providing resources.  Forests are sentient, and we are only beginning to understand just how much so.  Please protect your native trees and keep forests intact!