Cold-blooded but rarely clammy, reptiles are represented by such models as turtles, snakes, crocodilians, and lizards.  When watching a large iguana basking on a rock, it’s easy to see the dinosaur ancestry (despite the types of changes that result from millions of years of evolution).  Alligators and crocodiles, on the other hand, are nearly pristine replicas of their pre-historic lineage.  Although much more commonly encountered in the tropics and deserts, some extremely well-adjusted reptile species can be found well into the arctic circle.  These ectotherms (creatures that can’t regulate their own body heat) have evolved to reproduce in three different ways depending on their species.  Some reptiles lay eggs, while others give live birth.  There are other species, still, which produce live young that develop inside of eggs, within the parents’ body prior to emerging, by all appearances, as an ordinary, live-born animal.  This album features a vast assortment of species from jungle, swamp, and desert, alike.