One has but to step outside and gaze at the stars for the imagination to run wild, dreaming of the far-away mysteries shrouded by darkness and separated by infinity.  The milky way, beneath a moonless sky undisrupted by light pollution, can be literally jaw-dropping to those who take the time for appreciation.  Lightning storms and rainbows are equally-exceptional displays of Mother Nature’s many faces!  The desert, with her occasionally-brutal monsoon storms and miles upon miles of exposed canyons, grasslands, and mountains, offers a truly unique experience for any weather aficionado.  After sun has set, these experiences are far more wondrous when unhindered by human light.  Aside from acting as an eyesore, light pollution is a monumental problem for migrating birds, hatchling turtles, and a slew of other creatures who rely on the moon to orient.  Measures as small as using downward-pointing, lower-wattage street lights in place of ostentatious ones that shine in all directions go a long way to offset the light-pollution epidemic!