Could there be a more appropriate name for these scenic wonders of Mother Nature?  Sitting by a waterfall is always a beautiful balance of inspiration and relaxation.  Many of the waterfalls in this album are desert anomalies that rarely offer much, if any water at all, emerging only as the result of obscene amounts of rain over a very short time.  In Tucson, the monsoon season of 2021 was one for the record book!  Qualifying as the 3rd wettest in human records, these ephemeral torrents were everywhere for a very brief spell!  Traipsing through the desert, one was often greeted by clouds of yellow butterflies and a rainbow-assortment of wildflowers.  These magical monsoons were not only a source of inspiration for many a Southwestern naturalist, but a much-needed recharge for the spectacular Sonoran desert.  You will also encounter stunning waterfalls inspired by rural Pennsylvania’s spectacular summer showers.