Fine Art Prints

A Bolt of Lightning

Few spectacles weather spectacles are quite as spectacular as a lightning storm in the wide, open desert.
Picture Rocks, AZ, USA.

A Fly’s Eyes

When zooming in extremely close to an insect’s face, one can see the kaleidoscope of panels that make up it’s compound eyes. This wonderful subject is gold-backed snipe fly. Photo taken near Danville, PA, USA.

A Zebra-Print Tail

Proudly showing off his bold breeding colors, this zebra-tailed lizard actually ran toward me, prior to having his picture taken. Saguaro National Park West, AZ, USA.

Abert’s Squirrel

A denizen of Arizona’s coniferous forests, the Albert’s Squirrel is a welcomed campground visitor. Mount Lemmon, AZ, USA.

Alien Encounter

It wasn’t the X-files that convinced me aliens exist….it was this Chinese Praying Mantis. She’s in the process of cleaning her pedipalps (claws), while perched on flowering Russian Sage. Photographed near Selinsgrove, PA, USA.

Alien Face

The two eyes are easy to see, but gaze for another moment and you may notice a smiling face. Tucson Botanical Gardens, AZ, USA.

Ambush Bug

This unusual insect is a common, yet rarely-seen inhabitant of American gardens. Ambush bugs are tiny predators that, true to their name, sit atop flowers, awaiting tiny flying insects. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

American Snout

American snout butterfly, certainly an extremely bizarre/interesting subject. It’s name couldn’t be better suited! Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Ancient Tree

An old, dead evergreen tree, which I came upon along a hiking trail at Aguirre Springs Recreation Area, NM, USA.

Arizona Sister

Arizona sister butterfly lapping moisture droplets from a nearby stream. Photographed at Aguirre Springs Recreation Area, NM, USA.

Autumnal Shrooms

A young cluster of scaly pholiota mushrooms in the pre-autumnal forest. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Banded Gecko

An extremely common, yet (due to their small size and nocturnal habits) rarely encountered lizard, the banded is Arizona’s only native gecko. Picture Rocks, AZ, USA.

Barestem Larkspur

These tiny, beautiful wildflowers are a short-lived spring delight in the Sonoran Desert. Photo taken in Ironwood National Monument, AZ, USA.

Bee Take-off

Having finished his/her thistle flower pit stop, this busy honeybee takes off for the next blossom. Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Blacklit Scorpion

Due to the chemical composition of their exoskeletons, most (if not all) scorpions glow blue when viewed at night, using a black light. Arizona Bark Scorpion photographed near Tucson, AZ, USA.

Bleeding Hearts

Generally speaking, I don’t like exposing my photography to this much editing, but it’s hard to resist when working with such dramatic subjects. Bleeding Hearts are among my absolute favorite spring wildflowers. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Bridge Over Tumbling Waters

A beautiful woodland stream bathed in the late afternoon sunshine. Photographed at Tall Timbers State Park, PA, USA.

Butterfly Tongue

This is what it looks like when a butterfly sticks it’s tongue out at you. Featured is a tiny skipper, enjoying the nectar of the invasive crown vetch plant. Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Cactus Eyes

“What lovely eyes you have, Mr. Cactus!” Photographed in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Camo Cricket

A tropical cricket (species unknown), extremely well-camouflaged against tree bark. I barely noticed this master of disguise, even after looking straight at it. Photographed at Dos Brazos de Osa, Costa Rica.

Canyon Treefrog

Mid-call, a male canyon treefrog attempts to lure in a mate. Photographed in Coronado National Forest, AZ, USA. Photographed in Coronado National Forest, AZ, USA.

Carolina Wolf

A Carolina Wolf Spider, briefly interrupted from it’s search for food. For this shot, I had to lay on the ground, less than a foot from my subject. Photographed near Tucson, AZ, USA.

Cattail Droplets

The subtle beauty of water droplets on a cattail plant that had recently gone to seed. Photographed in Hartleton, PA, USA.

Cedar Waxwing

To many a creature this size, a large cherry would fit the expression of “biting off more than you can chew,” but cedar waxwings are well adapted to stuffing their faces with oversized berries. Photographed near Selinsgrove, PA, USA.

Chipmunk Chow

An Eastern Chipmunk desperately tries to force one acorn too many into it’s mouth. Photo taken near Woodward, PA, USA.

Cholla Cactus Sunset

“Jumping” cholla cactus, with an organ pipe and saguaros in the background. The setting sun illuminates the distant mountains in this perfect desert sunset. Photographed at Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ, USA.

Climbing Coati

A member of the raccoon family, lone males (like this fellow) often travel solo. They briefly, however, unite with large groups of females to breed. Pusch Wilderness, AZ.

Common Snapping Turtle

Common snapping turtles rarely venture far from water. Unfortunately, however, when the time of year comes for laying eggs, females don’t have much choice but to venture onto dry land. This girl was seeking a cozy place to lay her eggs. Photographed at John Heintz NWR, PA, USA.

Crab Spider

A tiny goldenrod crab spider awaits prey from a stalk of the aforementioned goldenrod plant. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Crocus Flower

Following snowdrop flowers, crocuses are among the earliest Spring wildflowers to be seen in the Northeast. Photographed near Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Desert Iguana

Using it’s tail as a stilt, this desert iguana manages to balance in the lower creosote branches. It’s enjoying a favorite dish, the creosote’s delicious flowers. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Desert Spiny Lizard

Not unlike humans, the male gender of many lizard species are rather territorial. One of the many ways that some lizards (such as this Desert Spiny Lizard) show their bravado is by performing territorial “push-ups.” This fellow’s brazen masculinity (combined with the palo verde flowers) made for an excellent photo op! Tucson, AZ, USA.

Dew Droplets

This “super-macro” photograph depicts tiny dew drops that were covering a small spider web. The silk of the web was so fine that, even at this level of magnification, it can’t be seen. Photo taken in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Dreamy Eyes

A Chinese Praying Mantis, possibly day-dreaming about what it’s like to be a butterfly or some other creature? Who’s to say. Photographed in Sunbury, PA, USA.

Eastern Bluebird

A fan favorite, this shot was taken at the edge of a cow pasture, in late autumn. I love the color scheme, as well as the old wire, meeting the new. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Eye of the Gecko

Mediterranean House Gecko found in my backyard, a bit far from home. These tiny geckos have successfully established themselves in Phoenix, Tucson, and a number of other metropolitan areas in warmer parts of America. Interestingly enough, this area’s climate is pretty similar to that of their home range, making for an ideal match. Despite their success, this species doesn’t appear to be having a negative impact on native species. This may be largely due to their presence strictly in/around cities, as well as their arboreal / nocturnal niche, one that seems to be largely unoccupied by local species of lizards. Picture Rocks, AZ.

Fairy Swamp

Such beautiful carnivorous plants, pitchers supplement with insects in order to compensate for the nutritionally poor soil in which they thrive. The swamp looked so magical…..I could just imagine a fairy darting across the scene. Tannersville, PA, USA.

Fast Food

Scooping a small fish from the water as it flies by, this snowy egret’s meal was prepared much faster than any happy meal! Take note of the fish on it’s way down the beak. Photo taken at Stephen C. Foster State Park, GA, USA.

Feeding Time

The English Sparrow, a non-native species, has a reputation for taking over the nests of other birds, making them utterly despised by many a birder. Photographed in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Festive Ameiva

Hyperactive, terrestrial hunters, festive ameivas never seem to slow down as they scour the jungle floor for insects and spiders. Dos Brazos de Osa, Costa Rica.

Fiddlehead Fern

Young ferns are often referred to as “fiddleheads,” as they resemble the heads of such musical instruments. This species is a cinnamon fern. Photo taken in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Fighting Whiptails

These tiger whiptails were having a heated territorial dispute when I happened upon them. Tucson, AZ, USA.

Finches in the Thistle Patch

Goldfinches, dispersed amongst the Pasture Thistles. They seemed to be quite fond of the seeds! Photographed in Michaux State Forest, PA, USA.

Forlorn Forest

This thick, early winter fog gave the forest a very mysterious appearance. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Frozen Falls

Despite the frigid winter temperatures of the Northeastern US, there is still much beauty to be discovered. These small, frozen waterfalls were photographed in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Fungus in the Forest

A young yellow patches mushroom, surrounded by it’s mysterious forest environment. Photographed at Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Gambel’s Quail Profile

I love the expression on this quail’s face! These chubby little birds are incredibly entertaining. The males like to find a slightly elevated perch, from which to make the silliest squeal one could imagine. Photographed at Caballo Lake State Park, NM, USA.

Gnatcatcher and the Seed Pod

While watching and snapping pictures of this blue-gray gnatcatcher, I had no idea why it kept hopping closer and closer, until a gnat flew into my eye. I then suddenly realized that I had brought a smorgasbord of buggy snacks. Photo taken near Richmond, VA, USA.

Gopher Tortoise Profile

Gopher tortoises are an extremely important part of the sandy, upland habitats in Central Florida. These diggers will excavate large dens, which provide refuge to a wide variety of creatures. Photo taken at Lake Louisa State Park, FL, USA.

Grasshopper Profile

This large, orange grasshopper (species unknown) made the perfect macro photography subject, as it hung from a stick in the process of molting (shedding it’s exoskeleton). Photo taken at Lake Louisa State Park, FL, USA.

Great Blue Heron

Relaxing peacefully at the edge of a frozen pond, this great blue heron made the perfect photography subject! Photographed in Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Greater Earless Lizard

Greater Earless Lizard striking the perfect pose to have his picture taken. Photo taken at Rockhound State Park, NM, USA.

Green Treefrog

Strategically poised under a porch light, this green treefrog awaits dinner.  Photographed near Davenport, FL, USA.

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

This caterpillar is the extremely destructive larval stage of an invasive moth species, but it’s hard to deny how creepily-interesting the gypsy moth caterpillar’s face is. Photo taken at Winfield, PA, USA.

Halloween Pennant

A Halloween pennant dragonfly surrounded by it’s natural environment. Photographed in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Home Flight

Hence their name, Cactus Wrens choose the most sinister, yet well-protected nesting sites imaginable. The cactus spines provide an incredible defense from predators! Photographed at Rockhound State Park, NM, USA.

Hummingbird Clearwing

A hummingbird clearwing moth taking a sip of nectar from a wild bergamot flower. Photographed near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Hungry Hopper

On rare occasion, a photographer must quite literally put their flesh/blood into the efforts of a picture. This grasshopper was proving itself to be a challenging photography subject, until I had the thought to stage some shots from the end of my finger. My subject was quite content to rest here, and after a few seconds, I knew why when a sharp pain visited my fingertip. I let him/her continue to munch, snapping my shots one-handed. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Ice Crystals

A close-up shot of some delicate ice crystals. Although I did marginally increase the contrast, the blue coloration is an entirely natural part of the scene that I encountered. Photographed near Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Indian Blanket Flower

An Indian Blanket Flower, covered in water droplets and delicately accentuated by the morning sun. Photographed near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Indian Pipes in a Dark Forest

Contrary to popular opinion, Indian Pipes are not a mushroom, but rather a wildflower which lacks pigmentation. Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Jumping Spider

On a super-macro level, I find it fascinating that some spiders become exponentially creepier while others become downright adorable. This jumping spider (species unknown) definitely fits the latter category. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Lubber Grasshopper

A lubber grasshopper, back-dropped by it’s natural environment. Photographed near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Lunar Eclipse

Relatively early in the 2019 lunar eclipse. Photo taken in Tucson, AZ

Lynx Spider

The beautifully-colored green lynx spider shows off it’s superb camouflage. Photo taken at Mt. Lemmon, AZ.

Mallard Flight

As this mallard duck drake flies toward me, his beautiful head coloration, and the subtle water droplets on it’s chest are vividly displayed. Photographed in Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Micrathena Orb Weaver

The tiny, beautiful arrow-shaped micrathena spider. This small orb weaver had a few water droplets remaining from the previous night’s shower. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Milkweed Bugs

A pair of milkweed bugs (not to be confused with milkweed beetles), caught in mid-coitus, atop the flowers of a Common Milkweed. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Monarch and the Skipper

A monarch butterfly, en-route to it’s Central American wintering grounds, drinks contentedly while a Skipper skips past. Photographed in Richmond, VA, USA.

Monarch Caterpillar

A monarch butterfly caterpillar bathed in the beautiful light of sunrise. Notice any (more subtle) details in the picture? Photographed at Montour Preserve Wildlife Refuge, PA, USA.

Monochromatic Mushrooms

This cluster of small mushrooms (species unknown) was found in early fall, on the edge of a Hemlock log. Photographed in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Moonrise Desert

Just after the sun has set and the full moon risen, the desert begins to come to life. Photographed at Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ, USA.

Morning Fog

Although many water-bound visitors of Stephen Foster State Park (GA) like to get on the water around midday, the early-morning canoeist is greeted by this magically serene view and a wider array of wildlife.

Morning Swim with the Family

A mother wood duck guides her family away from the shore, and perceived danger of my camera. This made for an adorable black/white shot! Photographed at John Heintz NWR, PA, USA.

New Mexican Night

Behold, the Milky Way, as viewed from the low light pollution at Caballo Lake State Park, NM, USA. Yuccas, Staghorn Cholla, and an Ocotillo Cactus in the foreground.

Orange Blobs

A dead tree branch completely engulfed by orange blob mold, deep in the forest. This branch was less than half the width of a penny, just to offer a scale of size. Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA

Orange Staghorn

The cholla is extremely sinister, even among cacti. It reproduces by catching the needle-sharp, barbed spines of it’s 4-inch detachment in the skin of an unfortunate animal, eventually falling off after days of agonizing pain for the recipient. The beautiful flowers it produces may be even more of a paradox than the thorns on roses. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Organ Needles

Younger organ pipe cacti are quite colorful on the top of their trunks. Even if they were so colorful as adults, the height would make such photo-ops impossible! Photographed at Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ, USA.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady, aka “American Lady” butterfly, sipping the nectar from a dwarf sunflower. Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Pennsylvania Sunrise

There’s a certain magic only experienced by those willing to awaken before the crack of dawn. This sunrise seemed to capture the essence of rural Pennsylvania. Photographed at Montour Preserve Wildlife Refuge, PA, USA.


Female phainopepla spreading her tail feathers. These interesting birds will actually lay two clutches a year; once in the higher elevations, and once in the lower. Picture Rocks, AZ.

Pied Grebe

When exhibiting the right facial expression, these adorable little divers can actually look quite sinister. Pied grebe photographed in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Pink Trumpets

A thick cluster of trumpet flowers dramatically enriching the desert scenery.  These lovely flowers are quite popular among hummingbirds.  Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Pipevine Caterpillar

This peculiar caterpillar is the larval stage of the magnificent pipevine swallowtail. Saguaro NP East, AZ.

Prothonotary Warbler

Named for the golden-yellow robes of the early Roman prothonotaries, these beautiful warblers spend their days foraging and defending brushy territory, often bordered by water. Prothonotary Warbler photographed in Okefenokee NWR, GA, USA.

Red-Eyed Dragon

While staking out a warbler nest, this lovely dragonfly (species unknown) landed on a nearby plant stalk, providing a nice distraction. The stunning, blue body caught my attention, but the crimson-colored eyes held my gaze. Photo taken at Lake Louisa State Park, FL, USA.

Regal Stag

Nearing the end of a 5-mile hike, this beautiful stag leapt onto the trail, dead ahead. Exchange, PA.

Rocky Labyrinth

As the sun sets, the shadows among the rocks become quite long. Keep your eyes peeled for an animal, hidden in plain sight. City of Rocks State Park, NM, USA.

Scaled Quail

Can you venture a guess at why it’s called a scaled quail? This beautiful fellow and his mate walked right by my camping site, presenting this excellent photo op! Photographed at Rockhound State Park, NM, USA.

Screaming Swallow

These common, yet beautiful birds are the bane of many a barn or shed owner, owing to their unusual habit attaching their mud nests to the sides of support beams. Photo taken at John Heinz National Widlife Refuge, PA, USA.

Short-Horned Lizard

Perhaps one of the most interesting reptiles of the American Southwest, Horned Lizards survive entirely on a diet of ants and, as a defense mechanism, can shoot blood from their eyes. Lake Roberts, NM, USA.


Goldfinch on a millet stalk. They love to forage the seeds. I’m quite taken by the simplistic appearance of this shot. Photographed in Michaux State Forest, PA, USA.

Snapping Turtle, Snapping

While snapping pictures of this common snapping turtle, I may have been at risk of getting snapped, myself. John Heintz NWR, PA, USA.

Solfugid Profile

The Solfugid is an arachnid, but is neither scorpion or spider. These terrestrial hunters prowl the desert floor in search of pretty much anything they can overpower and eat. They are non-venomous and, therefore, entirely harmless, but pack a pretty painful bite! The largest species, affectionately known as camel spiders, are well-known by soldiers stationed in the Middle East, as they have a tendency to chase shadows in search of a shady refuge. This behavior is often mistaken for aggression. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Sonoran Spring

When certain conditions are met, the desert will briefly become engulfed by poppy flowers. This scene offers a nice look at the poppies, cloaked in the golden hour’s spectacular light! Saguaro National Park West.


One of the strangest birds you may encounter, meet the Sora. This unusual water bird looks like a cross between a duck and a chicken, and will readily masquerade as either. Photo taken in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Spicebush Swallowtail

The lovely spicebush swallowtail butterfly sips the nectar from an equally lovely pasture thistle flower. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Spotted Salamander

These large salamanders spend most of their lives underground, emerging only briefly in early spring, to breed and lay eggs. This beautiful individual was photographed in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Stargazer Lily

The stargazer lily is a lovely oriental hybrid, quite popular among gardeners in the Eastern US. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Strawberry Flower

The lovely flower of a tiny strawberry hedgehog cactus awaits the unveiling of it’s immature sibling. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Sundew Droplets

Taking a much closer look at these tiny carnivorous plants, one can see not only the precise details, but also small droplets of morning dew. Photo taken at Stephen Foster State Park, GA, USA.

Sundews – Up Close and Personal

Laying down in the marshy ground allowed for a better perspective on these tiny, carnivorous plants. Photographed in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Sunflower Field

This field of sunflowers was just too perfect a photo-op to pass on. Photographed near Mifflinburg, PA, USA.

Swampy Sliders

Yellow-bellied pond sliders resting on a log in the midst of a duckweed-infested swamp. Photo taken near Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Tachinid Fly

Although they do their share of pollinating and even look cute from the right angle (please note: this is not the right angle), Tachinid Flies are parasitic to a plethora of other insect species. They will lay eggs inside the unfortunate host. These eggs will hatch into ravenous larva that begin eating the poor thing, from the inside. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

The Eclipsing Moon

Just before the moon had fully eclipsed, the glow from the remaining sliver overwhelmed the rest of it. Tucson, AZ

The Emperor

The beautiful hackberry emperor collecting some nectar. Saguaro NP West, AZ, USA.

The Flower of Passion

A more appropriate name there could not be for the gorgeous Passion Flower. This beauty was sitting all by itself, so lonely and radiant in the middle of a pine forest. Photo taken at Lake Louisa State Park, FL, USA.

The Grey

What happens when a frozen river is hit with an unprecedented 65-degree day? Lots of fog! This shot features a railroad bridge that crosses the Susquehanna River, and was shot from the island between Northumberland and Sunbury, PA, USA.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way, in all of it’s beauty! Take note to the shooting star and, what a few have claimed to be the Starship Enterprise. Photographed at Cherry Springs State Park, PA, USA.

The Queen

This royal relative to the famous monarch butterfly is a well known Southwestern inhabitant. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

The Very Horny Caterpillar

When feeling threatened, black swallowtail caterpillars will sometimes extend “horns,” in an attempt to ward off a would-be predator. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.


Did you know that the monarch butterfly’s chrysalis becomes transparent right before the adult butterfly emerges? Photo taken in Northumberland, PA, USA.

Tucson Sunset

As the sun sets in the Sonoran Desert, a few miles from Tucson, the lighting makes a spectacular color show. Tucson, AZ, USA.

Urban Friend

This adorable, young raccoon (as well as the rest of his/her family) would often climb out of this abandoned home’s chimney. Photographed in Selinsgrove, PA, USA.

Vermilion Flycatcher

Vermilion flycatchers specialize in catching flying insects “on the wing,” often returning to the same favored perch sites. Tucson, AZ.

Vernal Pond

Following winter, the moisture from melting snow mixes with the spring rains to form these seasonal wetlands. Vernal ponds offer invaluable breeding habitat for a slew of amphibian species. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Water on a Web

The beautiful water droplets on a spider web, glimmering in the early morning sun. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.


Western Diamondback

A diamondback rattlesnake searches for it’s kill. After striking a hapless victim, rattlesnakes can follow a “scent trail” to their kill. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Wing Waving

America’s quintessential duck, the mallard can be seen just about anywhere with a body of water. This fellow seems to be conducting an orchestra. Photographed near Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Wood Frog

A young wood frog, well camouflaged in his/her woodland habitat. Photographed in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Zebra Swallowtails

During a camping trip in Lake Louisa State Park (Florida), the zebra swallowtail butterflies were everywhere, but this was the only linked pair that I encountered. They were content to rest peacefully on a plant stalk, while I snapped all the pictures my heart desired.