Ducks, grebes, and other chunky birds that float on the water can potentially be found here.  Although ducks are often separated into two categories: dabbling and diving, grebes are exclusive divers.  Dabbling ducks are known for poking their heads underwater, occasionally diving a short distance for aquatic vegetation.  Divers tend to have pointier bills and hunt underwater for long spells, often perusing fish with great success.  Some ducks are generalists, showing up in rivers, wetlands, or creeks while others have specific preferences and are more limited in their choice of waterways.  The healthier a water system, the likelier your chances of water bird encounters.  Such small efforts as allowing native vegetation to grow along any body of water, and using more natural detergents / cleaning products will go a long way to preserve ducky habitats.  Protect our waterways, and we protect ducks!