Mustelids tend to be versatile, nocturnal animals with a wide dietary preference.  They’re a huge group which includes, but is not limited to skunks, otters, and weasels.  Although only the skunk is well-known for this, they all possess atrocious “scent” glands used for marking territory, courtship, and sometimes defense.  Raccoons and coatimundis, on the other hand, are considered more-closely related to bears.  These creatures have colonized nearly every landscape and region across the planet.  They tend to be rather secretive, but are sometimes quite abundant.  The highlights of this album include badgers and coatis.  One coatimundi troop, in particular, has allowed me to spend untold hours with them.  I watched these quirky raccoon-relatives play, forage, fight, and groom one-another, sometimes from only a few feet away, the coatis being aware of my presence the entire time!  Show respect to our wonderful wild creatures, and you may experience magic beyond your wildest dreams!