Ungulates are described simply as “animals with hooves.”  This word encompasses so very many species!  Most ungulates are considered herbivores or, at the very least, primarily plant-eaters (making the exception of pigs and their ilk).  Many ungulates travel in herds, sometimes in the thousands (such as elk and caribou) and are a necessary food source of large predators.  The circle of life is a delicate balance in which these species consume plants, in turn feeding predators.  The predators eventually die and become food for insects and decomposers, thus returning to the earth as food for the next generation of plants.  Too many grazers spells disaster for plants, and too many predators translates to conflict / starvation.  This series of events has been playing out since the dawn of life.  Mother Nature is full of checks and balances to ensure equilibrium.  Tempting though it may be, the more we humans meddle in these natural processes, the more we upset this beautiful balance.