Lizards can be found across every continent aside from Antarctica.  There are even one or two species found within the Arctic Circle.  Many species have extremely functional legs for climbing, swimming and, in the case of Latin America’s basilisk, even running across water.  Such oddities as the legless / glass lizards have only barely detectable legs which serve no purpose and make them appear closer to snakes.  The size of lizards, worldwide, ranges from the nano chameleon of Madagascar (who is often smaller than an adult’s fingernail) to enormous monitors (such as the Komodo dragon) that exceed 3 meters (10 feet) and are capable of killing / eating deer and goats.  Every habitat in which lizards can be found houses it’s own lovely yet quirky specialists.  As a whole, lizards are downright remarkable insect control!  The rainbow agamas of Namibia are actually capable of catching flies, mid-air!  Many others consume cockroaches, maggots, and grubs.  Like all other inhabitants of this wonderful planet, please show respect to our lizardly neighbors, and they will continue to clean up those pesky insects!