Javelina Herd


I crouched down to snap some eye-level shots of this javelina herd (there were 10, total), admittedly getting a hair too close. Sitting approximately 20 feet away, I felt pretty content. Before long, however, one of the younger members of the group started getting curious, meandering steadily closer to me. I methodically backed up as he/she gained ground. The youngster was soon within an arm’s length, at which point I decided to back up a bit faster. This startled the adventurous one, drawing the attention of several others who rushed in to protect their comrade. I bolted over a nearby fence and the javelina lost interest. Catalina Foothills, AZ

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This is a limited-edition photo, and will never again be produced after the available number of prints have been sold.  50 / 50 available.

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