Gila Habitat

Disappearing into a bush, this adult gila monster was a thrilling and accommodating photo subject! Photographed exactly where found in SE Arizona.

Gloomy Magnificence

Hummingbirds are uniquely tough to photograph on overcast days. Their colors, however, really pop. This Rivoli’s (formerly magnificent) hummingbird kept perching on a stick right in front of me. Madera Canyon, AZ.

Grasshopper Gala

Watching burrowing owls can be a very tiresome endeavor. Despite my strong adoration for owls these little cuties spend an inordinate amount of time simply standing in front of burrows. On the rare occasion of action (such as this grasshopper catch), the flurry of action is over almost immediately after it begins. Chandler, AZ.

Great-Horned Owlets

In an apartment complex in the middle of city, there sits a great pine tree. This tree offered the perfect urban nesting site for a a pair of great-horned owls and their family. Tucson, AZ.

Green Anole

Green anoles are only actually green when they’re feeling healthy and confident. They turn brown when encountering a predator, but when it’s feeling extra brazen, a male might go as far as to perform territorial “push-ups,” while puffing out his red dewlap (throat). Photo taken at Lake Louisa State Park, FL, USA.

Green Heron in a Green Swamp

A green heron spearing fish from it’s shadowy perch. Look closely, and you may notice something grasped in it’s bill. Photo taken near Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Grizzly Twins

Although they will no doubt eventually part ways, these young adult grizzlies have decided to stick together for now. Grand Teton NP, Wyoming.

Grumpy Owl

An Eastern Screech Owl of the rufous (red) color phase, catching some pre-sunset illumination. Photographed near Turbotville, PA.

Gulf Fritillary

One of my absolute favorite butterfly species, the gulf fritillary. It’s enjoying the nectar of a butterfly milkweed plant. Both of these species were a very unexpected sighting for me in such atypical habitat. Madera Canyon, AZ.

Harris Hawk

These hawks are quite unusual in that they’re the only North American species known to hunt in groups. Ironwood National Forest, AZ.

Horned Grebe

A horned grebe drake, showing off his striking breeding plumage. Two of these handsome devils spent some time fishing directly in front of me. Photo taken at Montour Preserve, PA, USA.

Horned Lizard Habitat

A short-horned lizard poses in the foreground of it’s beautiful habitat. This species can be found as far north as Canada. Photographed near Tucson, AZ.

Horses in a Haboob

While watching these beautiful wild horses, a small haboob (dust storm) engulfed the valley. The camera gear was very displeased, and my skin was covered in layers of grime, but it was well worth the filth! Lower Salt River, AZ.

Javelina Herd

I crouched down to snap some eye-level shots of this javelina herd (there were 10, total), admittedly getting a hair too close. Sitting approximately 20 feet away, I felt pretty content. Before long, however, one of the younger members of the group started getting curious, meandering steadily closer to me. I methodically backed up as he/she gained ground. The youngster was soon within an arm’s length, at which point I decided to back up a bit faster. This startled the adventurous one, drawing the attention of several others who rushed in to protect their comrade. I bolted over a nearby fence and the javelina lost interest. Catalina Foothills, AZ

Jumping Cholla

These sinister plants are known for their tendency of hooking the hapless passerby from the gentlest touch. The transplant then hitchhikes until it’s painful, barbed spines are broken or dislodged. They are sometimes carried a great distance by larger desert animals, Saguaro National Park, AZ.

Lovely Leafhoppers

In addition to “great crested,” this large grasshopper is commonly known as the “dinosaur grasshopper.” I can see the likeness.
SE Arizona.


Attempting to camouflage itself from both predator and prey alike, an American Bullfrog hides in the heavy duckweed. Photo taken near Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Meet the Badgers

Soon after the early morning sunlight had illuminated her den, mother emerged, closely followed by her children. They basked and played without straying more than a few feet from the hole. Yellowstone Nat Park, WY.

Metallic Sweat Bee

These tiny, beautiful sweat bees go by many names, “Green Metallic” being one. Extremely effective pollinators, these insects collect both pollen and nectar to feed their young. Shown on mint flowers. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Mexican Spadefoot

A young Mexican spadefoot toad shows off a single beautiful eye. Willcox, AZ.

Milkweed Beetles

A lovely pair of red milkweed beetles perched on a well-chewed common milkweed leaf. Photo taken in Selinsgrove, PA.

Mohave Rattlesnake

A beautiful Mojave rattlesnake is accented by the gentle light of a rapidly-approaching sunset. Willcox, AZ.

Mohave Rattlesnake

A beautiful Mojave rattlesnake is accented by the gentle light of a rapidly-approaching sunset. Willcox, AZ.


Moonrise Kingdom

The moon rose in the distant horizon just before sunset, gracing my companion and I with the best of both worlds. Like so many of life’s magical moments, it was short-lived! Chiricahua Mountains, AZ.