Crane Silhouettes

Silhouetted by the setting sun, a flock of sandhill cranes moves to their roosting spots for the night. Willcox, AZ, USA.

Crocus Flower

Following snowdrop flowers, crocuses are among the earliest Spring wildflowers to be seen in the Northeast. Photographed near Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Desert Iguana

Using it’s tail as a stilt, this desert iguana manages to balance in the lower creosote branches. It’s enjoying a favorite dish, the creosote’s delicious flowers. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Desert Spiny Lizard

Not unlike humans, the male gender of many lizard species are rather territorial. One of the many ways that some lizards (such as this Desert Spiny Lizard) show their bravado is by performing territorial “push-ups.” This fellow’s brazen masculinity (combined with the palo verde flowers) made for an excellent photo op! Tucson, AZ, USA.

Dew Droplets

This “super-macro” photograph depicts tiny dew drops that were covering a small spider web. The silk of the web was so fine that, even at this level of magnification, it can’t be seen. Photo taken in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Dreamy Eyes

A Chinese Praying Mantis, possibly day-dreaming about what it’s like to be a butterfly or some other creature? Who’s to say. Photographed in Sunbury, PA, USA.

Eastern Bluebird

A fan favorite, this shot was taken at the edge of a cow pasture, in late autumn. I love the color scheme, as well as the old wire, meeting the new. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Emerging From Cover

The perfect camouflage artist, this bobcat seemed to materialize from the brush. Tucson, AZ, USA.

Eye of the Gecko

Mediterranean House Gecko found in my backyard, a bit far from home. These tiny geckos have successfully established themselves in Phoenix, Tucson, and a number of other metropolitan areas in warmer parts of America. Interestingly enough, this area’s climate is pretty similar to that of their home range, making for an ideal match. Despite their success, this species doesn’t appear to be having a negative impact on native species. This may be largely due to their presence strictly in/around cities, as well as their arboreal / nocturnal niche, one that seems to be largely unoccupied by local species of lizards. Picture Rocks, AZ.

Fairy Lanterns

A couple of chanterelle waxy caps. On such a dark, dreary day, the camera flash illuminated them in such a way as to give the impression of tiny little lanterns. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Fairy Swamp

Such beautiful carnivorous plants, pitchers supplement with insects in order to compensate for the nutritionally poor soil in which they thrive. The swamp looked so magical…..I could just imagine a fairy darting across the scene. Tannersville, PA, USA.

Fast Food

Scooping a small fish from the water as it flies by, this snowy egret’s meal was prepared much faster than any happy meal! Take note of the fish on it’s way down the beak. Photo taken at Stephen C. Foster State Park, GA, USA.


The fawn on the left seemed to be the leader, as it kept a close eye on me for a few seconds, then snorted and took off, closely followed by it’s companion. Photo taken near Northumberland, PA, USA.

Feeding Time

The English Sparrow, a non-native species, has a reputation for taking over the nests of other birds, making them utterly despised by many a birder. Photographed in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Festive Ameiva

Hyperactive, terrestrial hunters, festive ameivas never seem to slow down as they scour the jungle floor for insects and spiders. Dos Brazos de Osa, Costa Rica.

Fiddlehead Fern

Young ferns are often referred to as “fiddleheads,” as they resemble the heads of such musical instruments. This species is a cinnamon fern. Photo taken in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Fighting Whiptails

These tiger whiptails were having a heated territorial dispute when I happened upon them. Tucson, AZ, USA.

Finches in the Thistle Patch

Goldfinches, dispersed amongst the Pasture Thistles. They seemed to be quite fond of the seeds! Photographed in Michaux State Forest, PA, USA.

Flowers on a Hedgehog

The tiny strawberry hedgehog cactus produces a dazzling display of dramatic flowers. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Forlorn Forest

This thick, early winter fog gave the forest a very mysterious appearance. Photographed in Winfield, PA, USA.

Frozen Falls

Despite the frigid winter temperatures of the Northeastern US, there is still much beauty to be discovered. These small, frozen waterfalls were photographed in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Fungus in the Forest

A young yellow patches mushroom, surrounded by it’s mysterious forest environment. Photographed at Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Gambel’s Quail Profile

I love the expression on this quail’s face! These chubby little birds are incredibly entertaining. The males like to find a slightly elevated perch, from which to make the silliest squeal one could imagine. Photographed at Caballo Lake State Park, NM, USA.

Gnatcatcher and the Seed Pod

While watching and snapping pictures of this blue-gray gnatcatcher, I had no idea why it kept hopping closer and closer, until a gnat flew into my eye. I then suddenly realized that I had brought a smorgasbord of buggy snacks. Photo taken near Richmond, VA, USA.