Lynx Spider

The beautifully-colored green lynx spider shows off it’s superb camouflage. Photo taken at Mt. Lemmon, AZ.

Mallard Flight

As this mallard duck drake flies toward me, his beautiful head coloration, and the subtle water droplets on it’s chest are vividly displayed. Photographed in Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Metallic Sweat Bee

These tiny, beautiful sweat bees go by many names, “Green Metallic” being one. Extremely effective pollinators, these insects collect both pollen and nectar to feed their young. Shown on mint flowers. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Micrathena Orb Weaver

The tiny, beautiful arrow-shaped micrathena spider. This small orb weaver had a few water droplets remaining from the previous night’s shower. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Milkweed Beetles

A lovely pair of red milkweed beetles perched on a well-chewed common milkweed leaf. Photo taken in Selinsgrove, PA.

Milkweed Bugs

A pair of milkweed bugs (not to be confused with milkweed beetles), caught in mid-coitus, atop the flowers of a Common Milkweed. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Monarch and the Skipper

A monarch butterfly, en-route to it’s Central American wintering grounds, drinks contentedly while a Skipper skips past. Photographed in Richmond, VA, USA.

Monarch Caterpillar

A monarch butterfly caterpillar bathed in the beautiful light of sunrise. Notice any (more subtle) details in the picture? Photographed at Montour Preserve Wildlife Refuge, PA, USA.

Monochromatic Mushrooms

This cluster of small mushrooms (species unknown) was found in early fall, on the edge of a Hemlock log. Photographed in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Moonrise Desert

Just after the sun has set and the full moon risen, the desert begins to come to life. Photographed at Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ, USA.

Morning Fog

Although many water-bound visitors of Stephen Foster State Park (GA) like to get on the water around midday, the early-morning canoeist is greeted by this magically serene view and a wider array of wildlife.

Morning Swim with the Family

A mother wood duck guides her family away from the shore, and perceived danger of my camera. This made for an adorable black/white shot! Photographed at John Heintz NWR, PA, USA.

New Mexican Night

Behold, the Milky Way, as viewed from the low light pollution at Caballo Lake State Park, NM, USA. Yuccas, Staghorn Cholla, and an Ocotillo Cactus in the foreground.

Orange Blobs

A dead tree branch completely engulfed by orange blob mold, deep in the forest. This branch was less than half the width of a penny, just to offer a scale of size. Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA

Orange Mycenas

As seen from beneath, this large cluster of beautiful, tiny mushrooms were found growing on a rotting hemlock log. Photo taken at Tall Timbers State Park, PA, USA.

Orange Staghorn

The cholla is extremely sinister, even among cacti. It reproduces by catching the needle-sharp, barbed spines of it’s 4-inch detachment in the skin of an unfortunate animal, eventually falling off after days of agonizing pain for the recipient. The beautiful flowers it produces may be even more of a paradox than the thorns on roses. Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Organ Needles

Younger organ pipe cacti are quite colorful on the top of their trunks. Even if they were so colorful as adults, the height would make such photo-ops impossible! Photographed at Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ, USA.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady, aka “American Lady” butterfly, sipping the nectar from a dwarf sunflower. Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Pennsylvania Sunrise

There’s a certain magic only experienced by those willing to awaken before the crack of dawn. This sunrise seemed to capture the essence of rural Pennsylvania. Photographed at Montour Preserve Wildlife Refuge, PA, USA.


Female phainopepla spreading her tail feathers. These interesting birds will actually lay two clutches a year; once in the higher elevations, and once in the lower. Picture Rocks, AZ.

Pied Grebe

When exhibiting the right facial expression, these adorable little divers can actually look quite sinister. Pied grebe photographed in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Pink Trumpets

A thick cluster of trumpet flowers dramatically enriching the desert scenery.  These lovely flowers are quite popular among hummingbirds.  Saguaro NP West, AZ.

Pinwheel Marasmius

A cluster of pinwheel marasmius mushrooms. These beige-colored, extremely tiny shrooms are easy to overlook. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Pipevine Caterpillar

This peculiar caterpillar is the larval stage of the magnificent pipevine swallowtail. Saguaro NP East, AZ.