Green Heron in a Green Swamp

A green heron spearing fish from it’s shadowy perch. Look closely, and you may notice something grasped in it’s bill. Photo taken near Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Green Metallic Sweat Bee

These tiny, beautiful sweat bees go by many names, “Green Metallic” being one. Extremely effective pollinators, these insects collect both pollen and nectar to feed their young. Shown on mint flowers. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Green Treefrog

Strategically poised under a porch light, this green treefrog awaits dinner.  Photographed near Davenport, FL, USA.

Ground Squirrels

I can’t even comprehend the “how” or “why” of this situation. The tiny burrow opening, appearing too small for just one of these adorable rodents somehow tripled it’s capacity when the weird guy with the camera showed up. Picture Rocks, AZ.

Grumpy Owl

An Eastern Screech Owl of the rufous (red) color phase, catching some pre-sunset illumination. Photographed near Turbotville, PA.

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

This caterpillar is the extremely destructive larval stage of an invasive moth species, but it’s hard to deny how creepily-interesting the gypsy moth caterpillar’s face is. Photo taken at Winfield, PA, USA.

Halloween Pennant

A Halloween pennant dragonfly surrounded by it’s natural environment. Photographed in Loyalsock State Forest, PA, USA.

Honeybee and the Coneflower

When closely inspecting a purple coneflower (echinacea), the plant has a very alien appearance. This wild honeybee no doubt had quite a plunder at this enormous flower! Photo taken near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Horned Grebe

A horned grebe drake, showing off his striking breeding plumage. Two of these handsome devils spent some time fishing directly in front of me. Photo taken at Montour Preserve, PA, USA.

Horned Lizard Pose

Perhaps one of the most interesting reptiles of the American Southwest, Horned Lizards survive entirely on a diet of ants and, as a defense mechanism, can shoot blood from their eyes. Lake Roberts, NM, USA.

Hummingbird Clearwing

A hummingbird clearwing moth taking a sip of nectar from a wild bergamot flower. Photographed near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Hungry Hopper

On rare occasion, a photographer must quite literally put their flesh/blood into the efforts of a picture. This grasshopper was proving itself to be a challenging photography subject, until I had the thought to stage some shots from the end of my finger. My subject was quite content to rest here, and after a few seconds, I knew why when a sharp pain visited my fingertip. I let him/her continue to munch, snapping my shots one-handed. Photo taken in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Ice Crystals

A close-up shot of some delicate ice crystals. Although I did marginally increase the contrast, the blue coloration is an entirely natural part of the scene that I encountered. Photographed near Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Indian Blanket Flower

An Indian Blanket Flower, covered in water droplets and delicately accentuated by the morning sun. Photographed near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Indian Pipes in a Dark Forest

Contrary to popular opinion, Indian Pipes are not a mushroom, but rather a wildflower which lacks pigmentation. Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.

Into the Sunset

A beautiful flock of sandhill cranes fly off toward the spectacular sunset. Willcox, AZ

Jumping Spider

On a super-macro level, I find it fascinating that some spiders become exponentially creepier while others become downright adorable. This jumping spider (species unknown) definitely fits the latter category. Photo taken in Winfield, PA, USA.

Lubber Grasshopper

A lubber grasshopper, back-dropped by it’s natural environment. Photographed near Hartleton, PA, USA.

Lunar Eclipse

Relatively early in the 2019 lunar eclipse. Photo taken in Tucson, AZ


Attempting to camouflage itself from both predator and prey alike, an American Bullfrog hides in the heavy duckweed. Photo taken near Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Magnificent Mushrooms

Whenever gazing upon something as magical as this gorgeous cluster of tiny orange mushrooms, I feel as though I’m peering into this mysterious world that we humans understand so little of. Michaux State Forest, PA, USA.

Mallard Flight

As this mallard duck drake flies toward me, his beautiful head coloration, and the subtle water droplets on it’s chest are vividly displayed. Photographed in Lewisburg, PA, USA.

Mediterranean Gecko

Mediterranean House Gecko found in my backyard, a bit far from home. These tiny geckos have successfully established themselves in Phoenix, Tucson, and a number of other metropolitan areas in warmer parts of America. Interestingly enough, this area’s climate is pretty similar to that of their home range, making for an ideal match. Despite their success, this species doesn’t appear to be having a negative impact on native species. This may be largely due to their presence strictly in/around cities, as well as their arboreal / nocturnal niche, one that seems to be largely unoccupied by local species of lizards. Picture Rocks, AZ.

Melanistic Timber Rattlesnake

While on a hike, I was ecstatic to come upon (and not step on) this melanistic (Black Phase) Timber Rattlesnake, coiled on the path, dead ahead. Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, USA.